An Illinois lawsuit, filed by a humiliated ex-wife, raises constitutional questions about privacy and free speech over what should be allowed to be posted on the internet. The wife claims her ex-husband caused her embarrassment and emotional harm by maliciously posting on the internet intimate pictures taken when they were still a couple. Illinois, and a number of other states across the country, are considering legislation to criminalize the tactics. The ACLU of Illinois is concerned that language of proposed Illinois legislation, as now written, could limit First Amendment rights:

"The Senate bill was written in a fashion that I would describe as overly broad,” said Ed Yohnka, the director of public policy and communications for the ACLU of Illinois. “Does that mean retweeting a particular Anthony Weiner picture or posting it to your Facebook page? Or if you’re on a weekend camping trip in high school and somebody moons a camera and you post that to your Instagram account? We would prefer a precise definition of the conducts that would lead to liability.”

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