Quad Cities Channel 6 TV asked its viewers their reaction to legislation now working its way through the Illinois General Assembly that would criminalize posting, on the internet, sexual images of a former intimate partner. Sponsored by State Senator Michael Hastings (D-OrlandPark) the bill recently passed the Illinois Senate and now awaits House action. It calls for a possible three year prison sentence and a $25,000 fine upon conviction. Comments from Channel 6 viewers focused on the harshness of the prison sentence. Channel 6 also reported that critics of the bill worried that its language was unintentionally too broad and could lead to misapplication if it becomes law as it is now written. Ed Yohnka, ACLU of Illinois Executive Director of Communications, suggested that the language should be redrafted because as currently written it could be used for other purposes:

"Let's say a senior in high school is on a class trip and a couple of friends decide to moon the bus. Somebody snaps a picture and posts it. The person who mooned could claim they are victims of revenge porn."

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