In recent years, the importance of taking action at the state level has been proven repeatedly on a range of issues of importance to civil libertarians. As other states and the federal government worked to cut off access to reproductive health care, Illinois has been able to expand basic protections allowing Illinois residents to make their own health care decisions. As the federal government attacked the LGBTQ community, Illinois’ laws providing protections for LGBTQ individuals have held in blocking discrimination in employment and other areas. And, in response to the protests against police violence against Black people law summer, Illinois has taken steps to reform policing and the criminal legal system.

What happens in our state capitol truly matters, and what we do in 2021 will matter significantly. The ACLU is leading initiatives to continue the progress we have made in police reform, privacy protection, protection of rights and opportunities for students, LGBTQ people and returning citizens and protection of access to reproductive health care. 

Make your voice heard in support of these important bills!

The Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act: HB 1727 removes blanket “qualified immunity,” the unfair and unnecessary legal barrier that often blocks courts from holding police officers accountable when they violate a person’s constitutional rights.

Contact your state representative in support of HB 1727:
Send a message | Call 1-866-581-7519

Repeal PNA: SB 2190 repeals a dangerous law that creates barriers for access to reproductive health care for young people. The Parental Notice of Abortion Act is part of a by-gone era in Illinois, a time when our state passed a series of laws in the 1990s designed to limit access to reproductive health care.

Contact your state senator in support of SB 2190:
Send a message | Call 1-866-974-8813

Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act: SB 818 creates personal health and safety standards for grades K-5 and updates and expands comprehensive sexual health education standards in grades 6-12 to give young people the information and tools they need to be safe and support responsible and informed decision making about their health and well-being throughout their lives.

Contact your state senator in support of SB 818:
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Reducing Barriers to Recovery: HB 3447 implements a proven public health approach, eliminating the failed policies of the “War on Drugs.” The bill reclassifies the charge for simple possession of all drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor and provides access to drug treatment for those who are arrested.

Contact your state senator in support of HB 3447:
Call 1-866-249-0841

Protecting Household Privacy Act: HB 2553 places modest parameters on the collection and use of household electronic data by law enforcement. With the proliferation of these devices – like “Alexa” or a Ring doorbell, there needs to be some rules to protect your private information.

Contact your state senator in support of HB 2553:
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Removing Felony Bar for Individuals Seeking a Name Change: HB 2542 brings our state’s overly-restrictive name change law, in line with the majority of other states and helps those who are transgender, gender-expansive people and survivors of human trafficking live safer and more authentic lives by removing the ten-year waiting period and the lifetime ban.

Contact your state senator in support of HB 2542:
Call 1-866-584-3906

Decriminalize HIV: HB 1063 repeals the harmful Illinois law that criminalizes people living with HIV. Currently people living with HIV can face the threat of arrest, prosecution, and incarceration without any transmission taking place. Repealing this law would treat HIV like any other chronic disease.

Contact your state senator in support of HB 1063:
Call 1-877-256-0284Send a message (coalition)

Protect BIPA: More than a decade ago, Illinois enacted the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), which establishes standards for how companies much handle our sensitive biometric data. The law requires companies to inform us in writing what data is being collected (our fingerprints, face prints, etc) and obtain the person’s written consent for the way this data will be collected and used. Over the past few years, the law has worked to protect our basic personal information.  

Contact your state representative to oppose gutting BIPA:
Send a message | Call 1-877-539-4148

This is a big agenda, but it is possible with all of us working together. We can make real progress in 2021. 

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