The below statement can be attributed to the Communities United v. City of Chicago coalition of groups who sued the department for use of force against people with disabilities:

“A six-month suspension for Sgt. Khalil Muhammad is appalling. It cannot even be dismissed as a slap on the wrist. Sgt. Muhammad should have been fired—he showed himself as unworthy of the public trust.
The suspension fails to recognize the harm done to Ricky Hayes - a black teenager with disabilities. Ricky needed help because he left his home late at night and was lost. Instead of helping him, while off-duty and in an unmarked car, Sgt. Muhammad fired bullets into Ricky less than four seconds after seeing him. He didn’t even leave his vehicle to speak with the teenager. CPD officials first lied about the shooting, saying the “encounter escalated.” CPD then delayed a year before releasing the video of the shooting, revealing the truth.  
Now, Sgt. Muhammed will be allowed to patrol the streets again. This is another prime example of why Chicago communities and residents do not trust CPD. The City and the Chicago Police Board made the wrong call and we hope Ricky finds justice in court.”

ACLU of Illinois
Communities United
Community Renewal Society
Next Steps
ONE Northside