The following statement on the release of the video showing the Chicago police shooting of Paul O'Neal can be attributed to ACLU of Illinois Police Practices Project Director Karen Sheley:

Once again, we are saddened to watch video showing the death of a young man of color in Chicago at the hands of Chicago police officers. We share the sorrow of Paul ONeal’s family, who have to relive this event through the release of the video.

We hope that CPD has learned the delaying such a release does not help build confidence with the public. The fact that this video surrounding the death of Mr. O’Neal has been released in a matter of days suggests that the current CPD policy allowing the CPD to wait months after the event to release such a video (from police shootings) is unnecessary. Prompt release of such videos improve transparency and will improve the public input in the City’s efforts for police reform.

We have a long way to go to repair the breach of trust between the public and the police in the City of Chicago. Transparency and fast response such as this is a small, but important first step. Our long term goal must be to prevent such incidents through better training for officers and the use of more techniques aimed at de-escalation.