The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois joins all Chicagoans in expressing our deep condolences to the family of Laquan McDonald, the young man killed by a Chicago police officer. We hope that this video advances a productive discussion across the City about policing, a dialogue that must include the public -- from all neighborhoods -- police, and elected officials.

The anger and frustration expressed by many African American residents of Chicago in viewing the video is understandable. Members of the African American community have seen mistreatment and, sadly, violence at the hands of the police for too long in the City. We hope that we can seize this moment to improve all aspects of policing, with a commitment towards creating better relations between the public and police.

It is time for real reforms in policing across the City, including better training that emphasizes de-escalation rather than force; increased transparency around police activities; and more public input and oversight of police activities in neighborhoods all across the City of Chicago.

This critical discussion about policing echoes the dialogue in communities all across the country, all of which are aimed at increasing public input into police activities.

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