Moments ago, the Illinois House approved House Bill 5576 sponsored by Representative Elaine Nekritz. The proposal would guarantee women in Illinois access to the full range of contraceptive options under their health care insurance in Illinois. Currently, many women are denied the best contraceptive option for them, because their insurance company limits coverage to a few, select options within each contraception category. 

The following can be attributed to Mary Dixon, Legislative Director of the ACLU of Illinois:

The vote in the House is a victory for thousands of women across the State of Illinois who, even with insurance, are forced to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket in order to access the best contraceptive for them. House Bill 5576 will make a tangible difference for these women – both for their pocketbooks and for their health.

We are grateful to Representative Elaine Nekritz for her leadership navigating the measure through the House. We also are appreciative of our partners at Everthrive Illinois and Planned Parenthood Illinois, among others, who made this victory possible.