As a non-partisan, non-political organization, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois neither endorses nor opposes candidates for public office. We have a long history of working with officeholders of various political parties to advance important protections for vulnerable populations. We will continue in this proud role.

At the same time, there has been language and promises prevalent during this election campaign that must be addressed and policies promoted that we will oppose.

We will oppose any effort to restore the widespread use of unconstitutional police practices, including stop-and-frisk. These policies fall disproportionately on young men of color and make our fellow citizens suspects simply for being present in their own neighborhoods.

We will oppose any effort to further deny women the ability to make decisions about their own health care and the most important decision about whether or not to become a parent. We will not sit idle in any debate about punishing women for making these most intimate decisions for themselves.

We will oppose any effort to roll back the progress made in support of our LGBTQ community. And, we will not allow those who are transgender to be humiliated, segregated and denied basic dignity moving forward.

We will oppose any attacks on our fellow citizens and residents simply because of their faith. Muslim Americans deserve the same dignity and respect as all Americans and they must not be treated as suspects simply because of their faith.

And, finally, the ACLU of Illinois will continue our advocacy for the most vulnerable in our society. The mean, ugly rhetoric campaign cannot be permitted to gravitate into harsh mistreatment of any vulnerable population, including those with disabilities.

Elections and candidates come and go. But our Constitution persists. And, that Constitution demands that we treat all persons in our nation fairly, including newcomers to this nation and those who have not been lifted up by our current economy. The ACLU will not shrink from our responsibility to defend our Constitution and serve as a voice for these persons.

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