The following can be attributed to Colleen Connell, Executive Director of the ACLU of Illinois:     

“By passing the Reproductive Health Act, the Illinois General Assembly sent an emphatic message that it will protect the right of all people to access reproductive health care. As states across the nation rush to implement dangerous abortion bans, Illinois has responded - by recognizing reproductive health care as a fundamental right, and by removing outdated, long-blocked statutes that make providing many forms of abortion care and some contraceptives a crime.  

The RHA treats reproductive health care – all reproductive health care – as just that, health care. The debate in recent days over the RHA has focused only on a small number of instances where families must make difficult decisions about ending a pregnancy. The RHA is so much more than that – protecting access to contraceptives, abortion, assisted reproduction, diagnostic testing and maternal care. The bill empowers every person in Illinois to make the most personal medical decisions. Everyone deserves that right. 

Melinda Bush, the sponsor in the Illinois Senate, has been a tireless advocate and a fierce champion for this bill. Its passage today is a testament to her determination and generations of Illinois residents owe her a debt of gratitude. We also want to thank the thousands of Illinois residents who have spoken out and supported this measure.

Governor JB Pritzker now has an opportunity to complete the work begun in February when this bill was introduced. We urge him to sign the RHA.”