In the coming weeks, as most Americans prepare for the holidays, the Trump appointed Chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, will attempt to repeat net neutrality and infringe upon the open internet that Americans enjoy today.  Net neutrality prevents internet service providers from prioritizing data for businesses or other organizations that they favor or that pay more to push their information. The rules keep the internet open, free, and unrestricted, preventing ISPs from becoming gatekeepers for what information people can see and access.  The ACLU strongly opposes this action.

The following can be attributed to Edwin C. Yohnka, director of communications and public policy, in response:

Gutting net neutrality will affect free speech online. Those advocating change and challenging power may see their access to online communities slowed – or denied entirely.  The internet is our public forum, and we do not need corporate interests deciding who gets access to the public and who does not. 

This proposal is especially dangerous now – when our President labels any critical media as ‘fake’ and has urged the federal government to limit the free press.  We do not want to turn over control of our internet to corporate interests that may seek to curry favor with this Administration. 

The public must speak out and stand up to this proposal.  Net neutrality must remain the law of the land.