This morning, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion striking down the right to abortion recognized nearly a half century ago in Roe v. Wade. The ruling means that abortion is likely to be banned in nearly half of all states very soon, although it will not impact abortion rights in Illinois. The following can be attributed to Ameri, Klafeta, director of the Women’s and Reproductive Rights Project at the ACLU of Illinois:

This Supreme Court this morning recklessly stripped the constitutional right to abortion recognized in Roe v. Wade from millions of people in this country. People in nearly half of the states across the country are likely to lose the right to make fundamental decisions over their own body very soon. This is cruel and will disproportionately impact people of color and those economically disadvantaged.

Abortion remains safe and legal in Illinois – that message needs to be heard all across the state. Clinics that provide abortion in this state will remain open and patients can make appointments. Nothing that the Court has done today reverses the hard work done by advocates in Illinois and legislators in Springfield over the past few years to assure that each person in Illinois has the right to make their own health care decisions, including abortion.

Abortion is health care. And we stand ready to protect access to abortion in Illinois.