This morning, the Supreme Court of the United States again failed to block the radical and unconstitutional abortion ban in Texas from being enforced as legal challenges to the measure continue. The following statement can be attributed to Ameri Klafeta, Director of the Women’s and Reproductive Rights Project at the ACLU of Illinois:

The Supreme Court continues to make clear that they will not uphold the ruling in Roe v. Wade, and instead allow states to enforce dangerous, radical bans on health care that is a fundamental, constitutional right. After a half-century of constant attacks fueled by misinformation and lies, the right to access reproductive health care continues to be denied to millions of people.

The Texas law cruelly bans abortion care as early as six weeks – before many people even know they are pregnant. Such provisions stand in direct opposition to the principles enshrined in Roe v. Wade. But the Court continues to allow this ban to remain in place. 

Legislators in Illinois have extended critical protections for all seeking reproductive health care in Illinois – measures signed by Governor Rauner and Governor Pritzker. We will continue to work in order to defend and expand those protections, and work to assure care for the millions of people across the United States who now are at risk of losing their access to abortion due to the Court’s failure to respect constitutional principles.