Earlier today, the full Illinois Senate voted to approve Senate Bill 1786 - the License to Work Act - which would eliminate driver’s license suspension as a penalty for most non-moving violations. Suspending licenses for non-driving violations can create cycles of debt for individuals and lead to unemployment.

The following can be attributed to Ben Ruddell, Criminal Justice Policy Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois: 

“Every year, tens of thousands of licenses are suspended in Illinois because drivers can’t pay fines given for reasons that have nothing to do with driving. In turn, these unnecessary suspensions often force people off the job and into bankruptcy. 

This year, Illinois legislators have a chance to rectify this injustice. This bipartisan legislation aims to keep Illinoisans on the road so that they can continue to work and support their families.We thank lead sponsor Senator Omar Aquino and we look forward to its passage in the Illinois House.”