The below statement can be attributed to Karen Sheley, Director, Police Practices Project, ACLU of Illinois. 

“Once again, President Trump demonstrated his ignorance of Chicago’s issues around gun violence and crime. Invoking a mythical Chicago police officer (one he cannot name) the President suggested that gun violence in the City can be solved in one day through tougher policing. 

The President's focus on “toughness” as a policing strategy has already failed in Chicago and elsewhere.  “Being tough” doesn’t build the trust needed in Chicago between police and the communities they serve. That trust can only be built by implementing the historic consent decree currently being overseen by a federal judge, a decree that restricts police use of force. The President appears completely oblivious to this decree and the reforms underway here. 

We also reject President’s repeated misrepresentations about immigrants in our neighborhoods. Many communities – like Chicago and the State of Illinois – have adopted policies that make all people feel welcome. We know that when local police departments work with ICE, people are less likely to report crime.  Contrary to the political rhetoric from the President, sanctuary policies make our communities safer.  

Donald Trump’s road show today in Chicago will not make policing better in the City or anywhere else. Policing in this City will only improve through the hard work required by the consent decree, which restrains officers from using unnecessary force.”