Senator Daniel Biss (D) appeared on the WLS-AM radio show "Hartford and Kass" to discuss his sponsorship of a bill that would limit the use of surveillance drones by law enforcement in Illinois. The ACLU of Illinois is working with Senator Biss to ensure regulations are in place to protect privacy. Other ACLU affiliates have helped to pass similar laws in their states.

"I think that there's a nationwide interest in coalition building around this issue. For example, Virginia just passed a two year moratorium on drones, and that was a joint initiative of the ACLU, the Tea Party and the Farm Bureau. You have republican sponsorship of legislation on this issue in Florida, you've got democrats in Montana…This is an issue where because of the ideologically diverse constituency of people who have real, legitimate concerns about civil liberties, I think there's a good chance that we'll get something meaningful done."

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