WILL-AM Radio 580 reports about Governor Pat Quinn's recent veto of a security bill that had passed unanimously in both houses. The bill (HB 1948), sponsored by State Rep.  Naomi Jakobsson, would require police agencies that utilize video surveillance to disclose information about the number of cameras used, as well as any privacy regulations, to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, and to post this information publicly online. The act of releasing this data would provide the public with critical information about video surveillance across Illinois. However, Gov. Quinn's decision to veto the bill was based on a concern over "security risks."
Rep. Jakobsson says,

"We just want the public to know how many there are, how many the state has, and I think when the governor said this is a matter of security, that’s really far reaching,” she said. “We’re not asking to identify where any of them are, he doesn’t want the department of corrections to have to disclose - we never asked them to disclose.”

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