The Illinois First Amendment Center (IFAC) Illinois High School Media Mini-Grants Program is seeking applicants for grants that aim to help Illinois public or private high schools with existing media programs improve their First Amendment activities.

Funds can help equip newsrooms with hardware and/or software needed to produce print or online newspaper; expand or improve multi-media training program for students; increase student broadcast media; develop training programs to improve newspaper copyediting; expand photojournalism programs or training; provide reporters with training on investigative reporting; launch/establish a new Web reporting version of an existing publication; advance journalism excellence and free expression; educate students on news literacy; and improve First Amendment awareness among students.

The funding is not aimed at starting a journalism program where none existed. However, if seeking funds for a new journalism effort, please inquire about the 2010-2011 Illinois High School Newspaper Contest for Illinois high schools that have not had a scholastic journalism product within the past two years. Please keep in mind that this program is also not intended to help fund yearbooks.

To apply for the Illinois High School Media Mini-Grants Program, complete the grant application request form and submit it with narrative via email to Sue Montalvo, IFAC director, at on or before January 15, 2011.

For more information and grant guidelines, visit the Illinois First Amendment Center.