Do you believe everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions about their reproductive health, and everyone should be guaranteed the ability to use or refuse contraception? If so, the ACLU of Illinois could use your support! Join us and our coalition partners in our commitment to protect reproductive health and access in Illinois.

Right now we are working to pass the Reproductive Health and Access Act (RHAA), which would include:

  • Responsible sex education health
  • Access to quality birth control
  • The ability to access prenatal care
  • The right to choose an abortion

What the RHAA will NOT do:

Myth- This bill mandates that comprehensive sex education be taught for every student in public schools, even kindergarteners.

Fact- Currently, Illinois schools are not required to teach comprehensive sexual health education. This bill protects young women and men and helps them make responsible decisions by requiring that public schools offer age appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sexual health education classes. In today's world that just makes sense.

Parents will, however, retain the right to remove their children from sexual health education classes if they do not want them to participate.

Myth: The Reproductive Health & Access Act will allow unrestricted access to abortion and will not allow any regulation of abortion, including late term abortions.

Fact: Current regulations of abortion later in pregnancy will still apply, and all abortions will continue to be regulated like any other medical procedure.

Show your commitment of the rights of women and all Illinoisans at the Reproductive Health and Access Lobby Day on Wednesday, February 10 in Springfield, Ill.

Can't make it? Commit to call your legislator on Thursday, February 11.

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