The State-Journal Register published an article about heightened security measures since the September 11th terrorism attacks. The State Terrorism Information Center (STIC) was created as Illinois' "fusion center," one of many across the country that faciliatates the gathering, storage, sharing, and analysis of information about suspected criminal activity among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies regarding potential terrorism threats. The ACLU of Illinois has filed FOIA requests with the Illinois State Police to release details about the types of information they are collecting and their privacy policies.

“We have concerns with what sorts of controls are put on those entities in terms of privacy protections for innocent persons,” said the ACLU's Edwin Younka. "There's been some issues around the country when these (kinds of centers) pull together information they have access to, who gets targeted for investigations and labeled as a threat."

Younka said the ACLU hasn't received the information it wants, even though discussions have gone on for a year.

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