This morning, the ACLU of Illinois joined thousands at the Chicago Women's March. The speakers, including our colleague Khadine Bennett articulated an inspiring vision of a country that lived up to its constitutional values of liberty and equal justice for all in our diverse nation.

The thousands who marched embody one of the most important qualities of democracy – using our individual and collective voices to advocate our concerns for racial justice, the rights of immigrants, reproductive freedom, and LGBT rights.

But no single march can insure the protection of these rights so fundamental to our democracy. We must recommit ourselves to the long struggle to make the United States "a more perfect union." We must pick up the mantle carried by earlier patriots – Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, to name but a few. We must "do everything" and leave no one behind.

Today opens another chapter in our fight for freedom. The ACLU already has gone to court to demand transparency from the Trump Administration. In Illinois, we already are hard at work to add new protections for our state's residents who are threatened by proposals from a Trump Administration that wants to turn back the clock on the freedom to marry, reproductive rights, religious liberty, and the freedom of speech and press.

We cannot go back; we will not go back. But we need your participation to keep progress moving forward. Please:

  • Share this on Facebook and Twitter so that family and friends who couldn't march can join us in our fight for freedom;
  • Commit to playing an active part in the resistance to turn back the clock to an earlier, less diverse, less tolerant country;
  • Continue to march with and support the ACLU.

Thank you for being part of the fight for our constitution.