This morning's Chicago Tribune discusses an incident at a Roselle bar when an expectant mother was asked leave specifically due to her pregnancy. According to the article:

Civil rights experts said that, despite any good intentions, it would be wrong to send a woman packing just because she was pregnant.

"There are certain things for which you are not able to discriminate against someone, and one is their gender," said Ed Yohnka, an American Civil Liberties Union spokesman. "And only women can have babies. You can't discriminate against a pregnant person."

According to the Illinois Human Rights Act: "It is unlawful to discriminate in the full and equal enjoyment of facilities and services by any place of public accommodation."

...In Illinois, it is illegal to serve a guest who shows signs of intoxication, but it can also be illegal to deny service to a woman just because she is pregnant, said Sheila O'Grady, president of the Chicago-based Illinois Restaurant Association, which offers training on responsible alcohol service.

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