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Don't miss Khadine's introductory post at RH Reality Check and the ACLU's Blog of Rights.

An excerpt:

My first road-trip was back in '99, the summer I graduated from college. I convinced my friend Ben that it would be a good idea to pack our stuff into a Penske Truck and move from Jamaica Plain, MA to Berkeley, CA. I don't know what excited me more - actually living in California (aka the activist promised land) or the 5-day, 11 state road-trip we were about to embark on.

We made mix tapes that served as the perfect soundtrack to our experience; we saw parts of the country that I was always curious about; we ate awful rest area "food"; and we learned that the salt lakes in Utah are really made of salt (I was curious, we pulled over, I tasted it and (1) it was salty and (2) my tongue was numb for the next half hour).

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