Across the country, survivors of domestic violence can face eviction as a result of laws in their local communities that punish them for crimes committed against them and/or for needing police assistance. The ACLU’s National Office recently settled a lawsuit against a town in Missouri on behalf of one of these survivors who was kicked out of her home – and banished from her city for six months – because she called the police to get protection against an abusive ex-boyfriend. 

These laws, often called “crime-free housing” or “nuisance property” ordinances, are a problem here in Illinois too.  That is why in 2015 the ACLU of Illinois advocated for a new state law to protect victims of violence and other criminal activity and people with disabilities against experiencing harms as a result of these ordinances. 

We want to hear from tenants and landlords who have been negatively affected by the enforcement of these sorts of local laws in domestic violence situations click here to read more and fill out our intake form.

Read more about the ACLU’s recent settlement with Maplewood, Missouri which requires the town to overhaul its nuisance property law and compensate the ACLU’s client for the harms she suffered.