One of the goals for 2011 of the Campaign for Reproductive Health and Access is the advancement of legislation to reduce unintended pregnancy, STI’s and HIV/AIDS among youth. Legislation entitled Illinois’ Personal Responsibility Education Program will be filed during the November veto session. This legislation will require that elementary or secondary public schools currently offering sexual health education courses adopt curriculum that is medically accurate, developmentally and age appropriate, and free of bias related to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. In the last month, Governor Quinn has rejected federal Title V funds, which only support failed abstinence-only programs, and has instead applied for federal Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) funds that support programs proven effective at helping young people make healthy decisions. These PREP funds will be available for implementing this comprehensive sexual health education legislation should the bill become law. A bill has been drafted and we are in the initial stages of garnering support, preparing materials and considering sponsors.