Moments ago, the Illinois House of Representatives failed to pass House Bill 3156, a measure that sought to regulate access to abortion services in Illinois out of existence.
The ACLU of Illinois opposed this measure throughout the legislative session -- including holding rallies in Springfield (when the measure was considered before the House Agricultural Committee) and in Naperville (in front of the sponsor's office).

The measure was drafted by anti-abortion zealots who have never been involved in protecting women's health care, but rather have been devoted for some time to ending all abortion in the State of Illinois.   We will continue to monitor the situation in the event that the measure is raised again during the remaining days of the legislative session.
The ACLU of Illinois has been fighting to defeat this bill over the last few months.

We protested and testified twice when the bill was delegated to the House Agricultural Committee. ACLU of Illinois Executive Director Colleen Connell made our opposition heard. The ACLU also rallied twice - once in Springfield and once in Naperville to bring attention to this damaging bill and its sponsor.