The Kankakee Daily Journal published an article about ACLU-drafted legislation, sponsored by State Senator Toi Hutchinson, that would protect crime victims from facing eviction. So-called "crime-free housing" and "nuisance" ordinances punish landlords and tenants in properties where repeated calls to police are made. Landlords can be faced with fines or can even be forced to evict tenants that have called the police in response to criminal activity. These ordinances adversely impact survivors of domestic violence who call the police to help protect them from their abusers. The Daily Journal included a quote from ACLU Attorney Amy Meek:

"Whatever the purpose of these ordinances, it cannot be to punish the victims of awful crimes like domestic violence," said Amy Meek of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois in that same statement. "Yet, we know that at least 35 communities across Illinois punish tenants simply for calling the police."

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