My name is Ellyn Fortino, and I am the new communications intern at the ACLU of Illinois.  I am currently a full time science, medical, and environmental journalism student at Columbia College Chicago and am very excited to help advance the critical work of the ACLU. I am an advocate for women's rights, especially reproductive rights, and hope to write and report for a non-profit or advocacy group regarding these issues.

Here is what you can expect for the ACLU Insider going forward. I will be including weekly updates and summaries of the ACLU of Illinois in the news with helpful links and space for dialogue. You can also expect to see more in-depth posts about current issuesor breaking stories. The ACLU Insider will be a reliable, one stop source for ACLU of Illinois related news with some space for comment and opinion (because who doesn't like a little opinion?).

We would love to hear from you. If you have any hot topics or stories you think should be included and discussed in the ACLU Insider please e-mail me at

See you all soon, Insiders!