Phil Kadner of the Daily Southtown wrote an article  about the legislative effort to protect crime victims from being evicted under local ordinances. So-called "crime-free housing" or "nuisance" ordinances often require landlords to push tenants out of their homes if the police are contacted regarding alleged criminal activity at a property. Those most adversely impacted are survivors of domestic violence who are pushed out of their homes for calling the police for help against their abusers. The bill, drafted by the ACLU of Illinois, aims to prevent the enforcement of these ordinances and to enable tenants and landlords to sue if they are penalized for repeated calls to the police from their property. Phil Kadner spoke with the bill's sponsor, State Senator Toi Hutchinson: 

"People should not be punished for calling police for help," Hutchinson said, explaining her motivation for sponsoring Senate Bill 1547. "What we're doing is victimizing the victims of domestic violence a second time.

"We're discouraging people from reporting acts of abuse when we know how difficult it is for women in such situations to extricate themselves and report their abusers. We should be helping these women, not penalizing them.

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