Rex Huppke reports about San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system's recent decision to shut down its cellular phone towers for several hours last week. The decision came in response to a protest that had been planned for Thursday in light of a fatal police shooting. Huppke spoke with the ACLU of Illinois Communications and Policy Director Ed Yohnka:

"I would say that the one thing that you don't want is for government to be able to shut down access to these communication platforms simply because the outcome might be embarrassing to governmental entities," he said. "If you're shutting it down in order to quell some violent outbreak, that's something that I think is a very narrow and fact-specific case that I think people of good will could argue about. The situation with BART, they were embarrassed by these protests. The notion that that embarrassment becomes the trigger for closing off dissension or protests, that's troubling."

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