The Chicago Tribune has published an article today exploring the Right to Die movement, which is gaining momentum throughout the country. On Wednesday, Chicago will play host to a sold-out convention that will discuss the topic of assisted dying. Oregon, Montana, Vermont and Washington are the only states that have laws allowing people access to life-ending medications. Oregon's Death with Dignity Act requires citizens to meet certain specific criteria in order to be given access to medications that induce sleep, and then within hours, death. The Tribune spoke with ACLU of Illinois' Khadine Bennett:

Khadine Bennett, legislative counsel and staff attorney for the ACLU of Illinois, has helped draft legislation that she hopes will eventually be introduced in Springfield.

"We are in the process of educating legislators ... (and) want to make sure we are laying the groundwork and have a good foundation in the place first," she said.
Such measures would be "on the same spectrum" as other end-of-life decisions that are permissible in Illinois, such as refusing medical care or food and water, Bennett said.

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