The Chicago Sun-Times wrote about the new lawsuit filed today which challenges the Chicago Public Housing Authority's (CHA) suspicionless drug testing policy for public housing residents. The client in the case is Joseph Peery, who lives in a mixed-income development near the former site of the Cabrini Green housing development, and must undergo annual, humiliating drug testing in order to keep his apartment.

“I’m required to go into the business office, urinate in a jar, then hand it to an office staffer. Anyone working in or visiting the office can watch the process,” Peery said Wednesday. “It’s embarrassing. You can only imagine how the grandmothers in the developments feel. We’re being singled out in public housing. It’s not fair.”

The policy, which affects more than 1,000 mixed-income CHA residents, violates the privacy guarantees of the Fourth Amendment, and Illinois Constitution, the ACLU said.

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