ACLU members are protesting outside of Rep. Darlene Senger's Naperville office Wednesday to fight her efforts to "regulate abortion out of existence" in Illinois.

Photo courtesy of Dave Waycie.
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According to an article Wednesday in the Naperville Sun, Senger sponsored a bill that would require abortion clinics to be retrofitted to resemble outpatient surgery centers, meaning equipment such as defibrillators and ventilators would be required and hallway and parking lot dimensions would change.

By a 13-0 vote, before a packed room of angry abortion rights supporters clad in “Women are not livestock” T-shirts and buttons emblazoned with a cow, the House Agricultural Committee advanced legislation that would put new financial burdens on abortion clinics.

The Agriculture Committee, stocked mainly by socially conservative Democrats and Republicans from downstate, has been the conduit to get gun-rights and anti-abortion legislation to the House floor for years, the article noted.

“We ought to be calling ‘shame, shame, shame’ on Representative Senger and the members of the Agriculture Committee, who may have expertise in regulating muskrats and fertilizer and heifers and roadkill. But women, I respectfully submit, are not livestock,” Colleen Connell told the panel. Connell is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.