For many years, federal tax dollars have been used exclusively to fund inaccurate, flawed abstinence-only until marriage sexual health education programs in our public schools. These programs deny our public school students access to critical information that can assist them in making responsible, healthy and safe decisions when they become sexually active. Study after study shows that abstinence-only programs do not work, but the federal government has poured more than a billion dollars of taxpayer money into these programs to serve some politicians' ideological interests, not our public school students.

The ACLU of Illinois is joining with other groups across the nation in calling on President Obama to zero out funding for these abstinence-only programs in his first budget and, instead, to provide at least $50 million for comprehensive, medically-accurate, age appropriate sexual health education. Take action now by sending a message to the President.

A recent statewide public opinion poll in Illinois found that 71% of voters in our state support legislation that funds honest sexual health education. Make your voice heard on this critical issue today!