Each year, the nominating committee of the ACLU Board of Directors submits a slate of nominees to join the Board.  This year’s election will be held in November 2016.

The nominating committee has slated three outstanding individuals to join the Board: Bernadette Chopra, a clinical psychologist; Nancy Ross, a partner at Mayer Brown; and Simon Weffer, a professor at Northern Illinois University.

Incumbent directors nominated for re-election are: Heidi Dalenberg, Roxana Espoz, Luis Gutierrez, James Holzhauer, Aziz Huq, Colby Kingsbury, Ada Lopez, Jill Metz, Kerry Miller, Brian Richardson-Varona, Lya Rosenblum, Robert Sash, Shyni Varghese and Cindy Wilson.

Additional candidates may be nominated by written petition, signed by twenty-five (25) members of the ACLU, and submitted by ­­­­­­Monday, October 31, 2016.  Send nominations to Elections Committee, ACLU of Illinois 180 North Michigan, Suite 2300, Chicago IL  60601.

Biographies and photos of new board members will appear in the next issue of the Illinois Brief.