The following statement can be attributed to the ACLU of Illinois:
“The Illinois House of Representatives today continued its tradition of balancing new technology and protecting our personal privacy. House Bill 2553, the Protecting Household Privacy Act, assures that the growing number of smart technology devices in our homes will not be used to invade our personal privacy. With the popularity of virtual assistants, Ring doorbells, and smart appliances, we know that many residents of Illinois are enjoying the convenience of these devices. But those devices should not become another tool for increased surveillance that allows law-enforcement to gather personal information from inside our homes without any regulation.
HB 2553 places modest regulations on if, when, and how law-enforcement can access intimate data collected by household electronic devices. Today's vote represents the Illinois House of Representatives' commitment to protect personal privacy and ensure our residents can enjoy new, developing technology, without sacrificing their privacy. 
We applaud State Representative Ann Williams for her leadership in this area and appreciate the unanimous and bi-partisan support from all those who voted for this bill in the House.”