The Champaign County chapter of the Illinois ACLU has been active for more than 50 years. Our chapter works to support the ACLU’s wide-ranging agenda in the state legislature, to respond to local civil liberties issues, and to keep our community members informed. We serve on citizen advisory panels and partner with other local organizations such as the Bail Out Coalition, NAACP, and Immigration Forum on issues of joint concern, recently including racial disparities in the local school systems, police and bail reform.



President: Carol Leff


The Steering committee of the Champaign ACLU chapter meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7PM. You are welcome to join us topresent a specific concern or find out more about getting involved. Weare currently meeting virtually, and you can get contact information for a specific meeting through our email.

Other ways of getting involved:

  • Joining ACLU will mean you will receive the chapter’s annual newsletter, which summarizes the year’s activities and some issuesgoing forward.
  • Sign up on our chapter website for our local “announce” list with an email request, which will let you know in timely fashion about the current local issues and events.
  • Once this is again possible, stop by our table at Urbana Market in the Square for current issue information, know your rights cards, and constitution bookmarks!