The ACLU of Illinois filed an amicus curiae brief in the Illinois Supreme Court along with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The case centered on a downstate Illinois man charged with a felony after he failed to report a Facebook page to state authorities, a requirement of a misdemeanor sex offense the man committed while a minor. He was charged with a felony which the Circuit Court dismissed.

The ACLU of Illinois and EFF briefed argued that the reporting requirements were intrusive, requiring someone to report a website on which they engage in political expression or religious worship, obtain medical information or other personal matters. 

The State Supreme Court reversed the lower court decision and reinstated the charge.  


Rebecca Glenberg and Adam Schwartz (ACLU of Illinois), Sophia Cope (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Date filed

April 6, 2016


Illinois Supreme Court


Honorable Robert Freitag



Case number

14 CF 1076