Have you gone to the doctor and been denied birth control? Have you had to make trips to multiple health care providers just to get basic contraception? Health care providers sometimes deny contraception because of religious rules set by the facility where they work. This could be what happened to you.

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Critical health care like birth control is denied at major religiously-affiliated health care providers throughout Illinois who follow broad religious directives.  

Women are hurt by these policies. One woman was turned away by her doctor without services despite the fact that she was bleeding and in pain from a dislodged IUD. Another woman sought a basic services related to her birth control implant, but was bounced around from doctor to doctor, before ultimately being sent home. Yet another woman was told that she could no longer get prescriptions for the birth control pills she needed after her long-time doctor’s practice was purchased by a religiously-affiliated provider. These are not isolated events. 

If you’ve had a similar experience, please contact us – the more attention we can draw to this issue and the more legal actions we can bring, the more we can help to improve access to health care and effect positive change in Illinois.