You have the right to reasonable accommodations to express breast milk (“pump”) at work, including:

  • Break time for pumping (without a reduction in compensation for time used for this purpose);
  • A private, non-restroom space for pumping; and
  • A space where you can safely store breast milk.

These rights are protected under several state and federal laws, including the Illinois Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act, the Illinois Human Rights Act, and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. (Depending on the law, there may be some exceptions based on the type of employer, the type of employee, and the accommodations requested.)

You have the right not to experience discrimination or retaliation at work because you are breastfeeding or because you asked for accommodations to breastfeed or pump breast milk.

  • The Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits an employer from discriminating or retaliating against an employee or job applicant because she is breastfeeding or because she asked for accommodations to breastfeed or pump breast milk. The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act offers similar protections.
  • The federal Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits an employer from retaliating against a covered employee because she requests break time or a private, non-restroom space for pumping or complains about inadequate accommodations.

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