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  1. Appeal Filed in ACLU v. Alvarez

    April 20, 2011News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Police Practices and Racial Justice
  2. Where do protests commonly occur in Chicago?

    April 24, 2012News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  3. "Twittergate" Media Coverage

    June 13, 2014News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  4. Watching the court

    July 23, 2014News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy, Women's and Reproductive Rights
  5. ACLU Letter to UIC on Trump Rally

    March 11, 2016News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  6. Settlement reached in “Twittergate” dispute

    September 2, 2015Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  7. Eavesdropping bill passes in Illinois

    December 5, 2014Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  8. Federal court finds Illinois new lobbyist registration fee unconstitutional

    March 9, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  9. Dissolution of "Red Squad" Consent Decree does not negate need to protect First Amendment Rights in Chicago

    June 9, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Government Surveillance, Police Practices and Racial Justice
  10. Court issues order barring controversial enforcement of Illinois' eavesdropping law

    July 9, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, Police Practices and Racial Justice