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  1. Peoria Journal Star Op-Ed: City should try to cut its losses on Twittergate

    May 15, 2014News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  2. Gate News: Charges against outreach workers dropped

    May 20, 2014News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  3. Wins

    May 30, 2014News updateGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy, Racial Justice, Women's and Reproductive Rights
  4. Chicago Tribune Editorial: A new challenge for Judge Evans

    June 9, 2014News update
  5. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 42 Wisconsin counties issue gay marriage licenses

    June 10, 2014News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  6. Peoria Journal Star: Our View: Council must weigh in on Twittergate defense

    June 16, 2014News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  7. New York Times Opinion: Finally, an Executive Order on LGBT Workplace Discrimination

    June 17, 2014News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  8. WUIS: Lawmakers Work To Replace Illinois’ Eavesdropping Law

    June 19, 2014News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  9. Chicago Tribune Editorial: In Peoria, parody and self-parody

    June 23, 2014News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy
  10. Chicago Tribune Letter to the Editor: Women's religious liberty is eroded by ruling

    July 3, 2014News updateReligious Liberty, Women's and Reproductive Rights