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  1. ACLU of Illinois Responds to Approval of Senate Bill 1594 – the Parental Notice Act Repeal – in Public Health Committee

    March 19, 2019Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  2. Illinois Expands Access to Abortion Care, Ends Enforcement of Parental Notice Law

    June 1, 2022Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  3. Statement on Court Ruling in Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Challenge

    June 17, 2011Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  4. Trafficking Experts Call Out False and Dangerous Claims about the Parental Notice of Abortion Act

    October 20, 2021Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  5. Illinois Teens: Can't Win for Losing

    April 1, 2010News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  6. Abortion Care is an Essential Service – We’ll Keep Fighting to Defend It

    May 20, 2020News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  7. Know Your Rights - Abortion in Illinois

    September 29, 2020Know Your RightsWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  8. Breast/Chestfeeding in Illinois

    July 13, 2017Know Your RightsWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  9. State Supreme Court Asked to Intervene after Vermilion County Judge Interferes with Pregnant Woman’s Health Care

    November 23, 2022Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  10. Luster-Hoskins v. Hall

    November 22, 2022CaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights