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  1. The Establishment of Religion

    November 12, 2009News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Religious Liberty
  2. Why We Are Fighting For Civil Unions

    September 28, 2009News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  3. Happy Constitution Day!

    September 17, 2009News update
  4. A Breakthrough for People Living With STDs

    August 24, 2009News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  5. Human Rights Legislation to Protect Students

    November 3, 2009News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy, Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  6. Happy Holidays

    December 18, 2009News update
  7. Body scanners coming to O'Hare

    December 31, 2009News updateGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy
  8. D.C. Council approves same-sex marriage bill

    December 18, 2009News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  9. Obama Administration Announces Plans to Move Guantanamo Detainees to Illinois Prison

    December 15, 2009News updateCriminal Justice Reform, National Security
  10. Supporting the ACLU

    December 10, 2009News update