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  1. ACLU calls for criminal investigation of the torture program

    February 22, 2010News updateNational Security
  2. ACLU questions legality of drone attacks

    March 26, 2010News updateNational Security, Open Government
  3. Another Three Months For The Patriot Act

    February 22, 2011News updateGovernment Surveillance, National Security
  4. ACLU Asks Congress To Investigate Military Use Of “PSYOPS” On Members Of Congress

    March 1, 2011News updateNational Security
  5. Former A.G. Ashcroft Should Be Held Accountable For Wrongful Arrest And Detention Of U.S. Citizen

    March 3, 2011News updateNational Security
  6. President Obama Issues Executive Order Institutionalizing Indefinite Detention

    March 8, 2011News updateNational Security
  7. Patriot Act Needs Comprehensive Reform, ACLU Testifies

    March 31, 2011News updateGovernment Surveillance, National Security
  8. ACLU Urges House To Support Bill Challenging President’s Use Of Force In Libya Without Congressional Approval

    April 4, 2011News updateNational Security
  9. Honoring Courage Seven Years After Abu Ghraib

    April 28, 2011News updateNational Security
  10. When Is Enough Enough? Government Surveillance Skyrockets in 2010.

    May 9, 2011News updateNational Security, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy