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  1. Agreement reached on Illinois policy for issuing new birth certificates for transgender individuals

    July 30, 2012Press releaseLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  2. Chicago Immigration Ordinance

    July 12, 2012Press releaseImmigration
  3. Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction Issued in Eavesdropping Case

    December 21, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy
  4. Momentum for Same-Sex Marriage Brings Together New Illinois Coalition

    December 20, 2012Press releaseLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  5. Federal court approves agreement to improve conditions in Illinois’ juvenile justice facilities

    December 7, 2012Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform, Children's Rights
  6. Statement on Chick-Fil-A matter

    July 26, 2012Press releaseFirst Amendment Advocacy, LGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  7. State Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments on Illinois' Parental Notification of Abortion Law

    September 20, 2012Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights