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  1. Supreme Court Strikes Down Current Coverage Formula to Voting Rights Act

    June 25, 2013Press releaseVoting Rights, First Amendment Advocacy, Racial Justice
  2. Chicago Tribune: A simple strategy — smarter police deployment

    February 4, 2013News updatePolice Practices and Racial Justice, Racial Justice
  3. Tamms "Supermax" Prison, with its Inhumane and Ridiculously Expensive Solitary Confinement Practices, is Officially a Thing of the Past!

    January 4, 2013News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices and Racial Justice, Racial Justice
  4. A bad policy at a high cost

    June 7, 2013News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  5. A Mother's Rules for Being Young, Black, and Male

    July 18, 2013News updateRacial Justice
  6. An important step towards holding Wall Street accountable

    July 26, 2013News updateRacial Justice