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  1. Making Sure the Law Listens to Domestic Abuse Survivors in Illinois

    April 22, 2021News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  2. Rowe v. Raoul

    January 27, 2023CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  3. Civil Asset Forfeiture

    February 27, 2017CampaignCriminal Justice Reform
  4. Reducing Barriers to Recovery

    November 2, 2022PublicationCriminal Justice Reform
  5. HB 3447: Reducing Barriers to Recovery

    January 24, 2022LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  6. HB 2542: Remove Felony Bar for Individuals Seeking a Name Change

    February 10, 2023LegislationLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy, Criminal Justice Reform
  7. SB 1830: Reducing Barriers to Recovery

    February 11, 2023LegislationCriminal Justice Reform