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  1. Think Progress: Presidential Candidates weigh in on Catholic Charities

    September 9, 2011News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  2. Video of Terkel v. AT&T hearing

    September 12, 2011News update
  3. ABC 7: ACLU challenges Ill. Eavesdropping Act in court

    September 14, 2011News updatePolice Practices and Racial Justice
  4. Don't Filter Us!

    March 3, 2011News updateLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  5. Anti-abortion proposal Encourages Viewing of Fetal Ultrasounds

    April 13, 2011News updateWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  6. Camera Bill Passes Illinois House

    April 15, 2011News updateGovernment Surveillance, Open Government, Police Practices and Racial Justice
  7. Colleen Connell at the 2011 Bill of Rights Celebration

    September 27, 2011News update
  8. Excuse Me, Ma'am, This Isn’t Your ID

    July 27, 2011News update
  9. Bills We Support: HB 1948 - Surveillance Camera Data Collection

    February 23, 2011News updateGovernment Surveillance, Police Practices and Racial Justice, Government Accountability and Personal Privacy
  10. Appeal Filed in ACLU v. Alvarez

    April 20, 2011News updateFirst Amendment Advocacy, Police Practices and Racial Justice