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  1. Castañon Nava v. Department of Homeland Security

    April 15, 2019CaseImmigration
  2. Bills modernizing criminal penalties for abortion care and repealing unnecessary parental notice of abortion law to be introduced in Springfield

    February 12, 2019Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  3. ACLU of Illinois Responds to Approval of Senate Bill 1594 – the Parental Notice Act Repeal – in Public Health Committee

    March 19, 2019Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  4. Stop and Frisk

    October 24, 2019CampaignPolice Practices and Racial Justice
  5. The ACLU Lunch: Fighting For A More Perfect Union

    March 15, 2019Event
  6. SB 1786: License to Work Act

    March 22, 2019LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  7. New Study Confirms DCFS Must Do More to Protect and Affirm LGBTQ+ Youth in its Care

    July 9, 2019News update
  8. ACLU Next Generation Society Fall Fundraiser

    October 18, 2019Event
  9. Illinois Reproductive Health Act FAQ

    June 20, 2019CampaignWomen's and Reproductive Rights