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  1. ACLU Celebrates District 211’s New Policy Allowing Full Access of Locker Rooms to Transgender Students

    November 14, 2019Press releaseLGBTQ and HIV Advocacy
  2. HB 2291: Drug Defelonization

    March 22, 2019LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  3. HB 217: Ban the Box in Higher Education

    March 22, 2019LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  4. SB 1594: Repeal the Forced Parental Involvement Law

    March 22, 2019LegislationWomen's and Reproductive Rights
  5. HB 1614: Retail Theft Threshold

    March 22, 2019LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  6. HB 1582: Net Neutrality

    March 21, 2019LegislationGovernment Accountability and Personal Privacy
  7. ACLU of Illinois Reacts to CPD’s Failure to Meet Reform Deadlines Per Monitor’s New Report

    November 15, 2019Press releasePolice Practices and Racial Justice
  8. Doctors Across Illinois Call for Medical Judgment - Not Religious Beliefs - to Guide Health Care

    November 21, 2019Press releaseWomen's and Reproductive Rights, Health Justice
  9. 2019 ACLU of Illinois Legislative Wrap-up

    August 22, 2019News update
  10. Nova Maday's Public Comments

    November 22, 2019News update